Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"by definition a crush must hurt."

One thing I adore about Melbourne is that an appreciation for design seems to trickle through every aspect of the city. Even a poster for a humble local pub will have a woodblock print stencilled above the type that's advertising Boozy Brewsday 12-4pm. It shines from the Melbournians' creative outfits, it hi-fives you in the stickers that catch your eye as you walk past a laneway, it quietly radiates from the way that stock is arrayed in shops. The shared philosophy of a city that life is better when aesthetic care is taken to the details and that no item is too small to be a visual joy.

Case in point: the shop counter for Brunswick Bound, a delightful, book-laden space tucked amongst the Lebanese pizza places, fruit and veg stores and hole-in-the-wall cafes (if you're in Brunswick, you should actually go to the Hole in the Wall cafe. As you walk in, look at the stencils and stickers framing the glossy red door and then order the homemade pide with labne and rosewater jam- impossible to regret.)

Brunswick Bound.

Outside Hole in the Wall.

Glorious oranges hanging from the awning. Because they can.

Outside Nudie on Little Flinders. Better than a sign? I reckon. . . 

My favourite piece of Melbourne street art. It's been there for ages- I love the lip-licking smiley face, that it's above a Belgian waffle stand that's always packed with people, and the words themselves.

 Comics made into wallpaper in a cafe in Brunswick West (the name is lost somewhere in my mind.)

 Great collage in the window of a clothing store in Southbank. Love the editorials this pillages. Love collages full stop. (Love when special people make you collages about moments you shared but that's another story for another day.)

So, to bring this rather rambly post to a conclusion, yes, Melbourne is delightful and yes, if you haven't been there you should go (redundant question) and no, I will not be drawn into a protracted discussion about whether Sydney or Melbourne is "better." In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, 'a country is allowed to have more than one city." And I plan on continuing to flicker back and forth between them to my heart's content.

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