Tuesday, June 29, 2010

know that the answer isn't for our eyes.

These are stills from a video installation that was the last work that we saw at the Biennale today. There were nine screens set up in a circle which we stood in the middle of and turned, turned turned. The images were fitted together from photographs, like a stop-motion collage of women and men and children of every age and race doing their thang. 'Their thang' consisted of playing tennis, lying langorously on pool chairs, looking impeccable in tennis whites, running aerobics-styles, playing with swords, re-enacting scenes from Greek mythology, doing some kind of witchy dance- you know, your everyday weekend activities.

The artists are a Russian collective called AES+F and this piece is titled 'The Feast of Trimalcha.' It was like being surrounded by a live action D&G campaign which is, as I'm sure you can appreciate, very fantastic! A highly recommended experience.

About as cringe-worthy as the 'Louise Vuitton' joke.

Announcement time! I am taking the week off my thesis (can you take a week off a thesis or is that like saying you're taking a week off from your marriage? Do people do that? Maybe I should remember the timely words of Carrie Bradshaw, that 'marriage is different for everyone and you've got to figure out what suits you.'

You better believe it, I saw SATC2 yesterday and the less said about that experience the better! Except that it was with the Chipbox ladies (don't ask, won't tell) which is always a pleasure. Plus all together we are two blondes, a brunette and a redhead, almost too naff to be true when going to see Carrie & co.

And talking of 'and co.s' have you ever noticed that Tiffany & Co. jewellery sometimes bears the stamp 'T&Co.' Uh, I do believe that reads as 'TACO' to some people. Aka me. Takes the classy down a bit?)

I can't even pretend I had a point any more, but I did go to the Sydney Biennale today with Mum and it was fantastic. We took the free ferry (which looked like a supersized bath toy) to Cockatoo Island where we proceeded to have our minds and eyes blown apart by slow-motion exploding cars, a room full of hovering green balls and an awesome 360 degree video installation which was a D&G editorial meets a still-life meets the Hamptons meets Cicciolina.

The artworks that I photographed are:  Cai Guo-Qiang's 'Inopportune: Stage One' (aka exploding cars); Rohan Wealleans' 'He with Glands of Wasp' (or, 'There's a jaw in my stomach, dear Liza, dear Liza'); Kader Attia's 'Kasbah'; Slave Pianos' 'Penalogical Pianology: The Timbers of Justice'; and Peter Hennessey's 'My Hubble'. 
I don't know who is behind the green balls-in my Biennale booklet the room they're in is labelled 'performance space', so maybe I saw the bones of this artwork instead of the whole thing. It was one of my favourite installations, though, because you could walk in amongst it- it was like swimming through seaweed, but in an enormous container with a concrete floor and old signs on the walls telling you not to smoke because it's a National Security area (!)
All the old signs and shots of the roof are me marvelling at the antiquity and great design of the buildings on the Island. Gorgeous. And just a bit Victorian.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

my brain feels like a brick

and I have no words left.

Well, that's a lie, I always have something to say! Usually when I hand in an essay I feel giddy relief, if it's the last one, or at least a sense of accomplishment, something finished. But this time- not so. Probably because it's a beginning, not an end. I was writing the first draft of my second chapter, and it ended up being just the first half of my chapter, and now I've been taken by the essay-writing fever, I don't know if I'm going to be able to stop! But I looked at my final word count (almost exactly 5000 words, thank you, thank you) and instead of thinking "done!" I thought- "another 70-95 000 to go!"

Enough, for now, and of course I am glad that it's in. And yes, it's an accomplishment of sorts because it's writing and it's down on paper (and out of my head!) and done. But I am anticipating now what the next two and a half years (let's be optimistic, right?) will be like. If like this, then that's not so bad- but where o where will all those words come from?



Dang! Sessilee Lopez, you take a fine photo.

The crazy of this outfit is equal parts astounding and marvellous. HUGE triangular bustle + sprouting cabbage roses out of the crown of your head + enough plumage to put an ostrich to shame + a nonchalant look to say, '...So?' = ya makin' ma day, Irina.

In between fashion theory, I'm devouring 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith. She makes the everyday lyrical. And I'm amazed at how she loves Robert Mapplethorpe by not suffocating him in love or wanting to have him all to herself, but simply by loving him and letting him be free in that. It seems like a rare quality. (PS. Chose this image because it's like Didi and Gogo from Godot are being played by two punk rockers. Best.)

Spun sugar vintage Vogue.

She has a rubber face!!!

J'adore. Someone drew this... not me, sadly.

Vintage Vogue x 2. I'm having a moment! I blame the Norman Parkinson book I got for Christmas.

CUTEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a negligent blogger and have failed to keep track of where all these photos came from. They were all off Google Images, if that helps? {pleasedon'tsueme!} I didn't take any of them- I think the last one is from style.com, actually, but if you took any of them and want to be credited (don't lie now) send me an email and I'll take care o'that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

essay update

This is how I feel right now:

But less surrounded by bronzed half-naked men and more surrounded by cut-out chunks of paragraph. And maybe less bikini-clad and more woolly jumper and thick sock clad. I'm also not on a beach, but at a desk. But the big grin? The happy arms? The (imaginary) applause? Check check check.

Has been a productive morning. Is all coming together, and I can see that there are days that are free of plans waiting on the other side of Friday 4pm. And, even better, I am learning the discipline of this again and am motivated to keep on.

Image by Mario Testino from here

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This song


and this song

<a href="http://byebyeblackbird.bandcamp.com/track/float-on-modest-mouse-cover-2">Float On (modest mouse cover) by Blackbird Blackbird</a>

over and over.

like sand through the hourglass

All right, blogosphere. I'll be quick because I'm being a bit naughty, really. Shouldn't be writing you letters, really, but should be using my letters to form formal words that will spill down a double spaced, 12 point page or ten. (Have I told you the one where I used to think double spacing meant that each word had to have two spaces between it and the next?  Like  this.  And  thus  I  typed  a  whole  script  for  my  Year  Twelve  Drama  final,  all  fifteen  pages  of  it.  How  do  you  reformat  such  an  error,  you  ask?  You  go  word  by  word  and  delete  one  space  at  a  time.)

But I digress. A few things:

First. Tavi went to Toronto. Of course she did. It's like that time the Sartorialist and Garance Dore came to Sydney and I was in Canada, but on the flip-side. Not like she would have sent me a PM on the FB to say 'hey Rosie, let's go get some sandwiches and pickles at Schwartzes and then ride our bikes over to Print Vintage to snaffle us some old velvet dresses' but WHATEVS LIKE I EVEN CARE. (That's a lie- I totally care. TAVI, COME TO SYDNEY AND HAVE ADVENTURES WITH ME?)

Second. I got a new job (hurrah!) and to celebrate, I got a new dress (HURRAH!) It's from my favourite vintage store in Melbourne called American Rag. I took some shoddy photos of it and I will put a select number up for your amusement. They don't do the dress justice, they really don't. When Bel comes home she might graciously snap some non-blurry, non-greyish ones but until then, you're stuck with these!

It's a finely woven wool, kingfisher blue and pea green paisley, long sleeves, nipped little waist.

In which I look less elongated and slender and more... 

like this. 
Please note: am not pregnant. Kind of funny, though?
See the gorgeous print? 

Me, the dress and an Alexander Wang-styles plait. Really a gratuitous shot to show off the plait.

Third. Writing went well last night, buddies. Sat at the kitchen table with Tess, a little candle burning* and green tea and biscotti* at hand. Looked out the window into the night for a bit while thoughts slowly presented themselves to me, and then it became like a dance. It was a careful waltz, I didn't want to scare the ideas off, but to shape them into something lovely- the loveliness being an idea clearly expressed. Delightful.

1*. An old tutor told me that everyone goes a little crazy when they write their thesis. She told me that it's perfectly normal to have weird habitual behaviour that makes you feel like you can do your work- and that she couldn't write unless she was wearing a tiara! My crazy so far is that I need a candle burning nearby but I am hoping that some others develop along the way! I'll keep you posted.

2*. Some people cry when they are stressed. I bake. This week's panic attack produced a delicious batch of orange and almond biscotti.

OK! Back to work. But before I go- another lovely hourglass photo. Lara Stone: stone. cold. fox.

Tavi image from here. Mia Farrow image and Lara Stone image courtesy of a Google Image search.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

all like fingerprints

Good {Monday} morning; good grief, a rainy soft-grey morning forging a path away from the sun-drenched footsteps of the weekend. I woke early and with purpose, edited my essay plan over a skim cap, debated what to wear* and what music to listen to.*
Decided to apologise in advance for being distant this week- it's not because I don't care but because I have a Friday due date and I want to make it magnificent. Ambitious for a first draft of a second chapter, I know, but there you are. 

I'm leaving you with some images that tumble over my screen when I have been gazing into space for too long (I'm thinking, 'course! well. . . and sometimes watching a sodden little rainbow lorikeet shiver the water out of his feathers on the powerline outside my window.) Some are from the Met Museum, some are from jak&jil, some are from my wanderings through the internet.

Virginia Woolf meets Andy Warhol meets paintball.

I could write a whole post about the wonderful names given to the colours and markings of horses. Appaloosa. Strawberry roan. Dark bay. Piebald. Dappled grey. Palomino. Skewbald. And, for the above beauty, liver chestnut. 

For me, it's about his hat and his presence. If I was a fashion designer, this would be the inspiration behind my first collection.


*1. The dilemma of working from home. Do you wear comfortable clothes that make you feel relaxed (and tempt you to slovenly ways) or do you go more dressy (less relaxed but more purposeful)? I chose the more dressy option today for something different- a new second-hand dress covered in purple and orange paisley and briar branches with a frilly collar and a nipped waist. Makes me feel more focused, hurrah!

*2. Today I'm feeling Feist and Boy+Bear. A splash of Debussy. And during my breaks, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

You had me at "they're bell-bottoms, bitches"

I like this blog (her blog, not my own. Well, I like my own too but. . . am I talking in circles? I think maybe, yes. Yes, I think I am.)

Anyway. I like this blog- her blog- a blog called Pavement Frippery. I don't know the blogger but she goes to my university (props for Sydney!) and she was described to me as the most stylish person the person I was talking to had ever met. And the person I was talking to (she has a name, duh, but this is just more mysterious?) ain't too shabby herself, what with her amazing straight-from-the-salon hair and all. You know those people? Their ends are always straight and not split in the slightest, and the volume is just right? The colour, perfectly toned and lush? You know those people? I am not one of them but I find myself glancing surrepticiously at their heads from time to time. Whaddayagonnado, judge me? So judge me.

Where was I? O yes. Pavement Frippery. It''s funny. It's smart. I like it.

ps. AND SHE DOESN'T LIKE CELERY EITHER! If she says she loathes both milk and cucumber, I may just have to make a t-shirt spelling out the name of her blog in glitter and hearts. But seriously.

Friday, June 18, 2010

you don't know how lovely you are.

I've been loyal to Queens Marie and Michelle for quite some time now but I was wowed tonight when I clicked on over and saw some of Queen Michelle's latest outfit posts. She's played around with Photoshop (or Paintbox? Or something?) and the results are marvellous! 

Queen Michelle becoming dappled foliage. . . Queen Michelle dissolving like a ghost in the hazy afternoon sunlight, blinding with her fierce feathers. . . I have reblogged so that if you're lazy you can see what I'm talking about here. If you want to venture to the Kingdom, sally forth from here.

This last shot makes me want to pull a Clothes Horse and quote Wordsworth:

-But there's a Tree, of many one,
A single Field which I have looked upon,
Both of them speak of something that is gone:
The Pansy at my feet
Doth the same tale repeat:
Whither is fled the visionary gleam?
Where is it now, the glory and the dream?

from Ode (Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood.)