Thursday, May 13, 2010

novelties and Patrick Watson and- OW, FOOT CRAMP!

After my presentation today, two lovely classmates came up to me and told me about two new blogs. I suppose I am a collector now, and I love that people are so willing to help me along in my quest to learn more, see more, become obsessed with more outfit posts (sorry, what?)

OK. So here are some new lovelies that have swum onto my screen tonight.

Australian streetstyle photographer Vanessa Jackman. Good if: you like Garance's eye for pretty young girls and Tommy Ton's bail-'em-up-outside-the-shows style. Think: Lots of long tousled hair, dewy doe-eyes and slender legs crossed at the ankle. I'm ringing her bell because: she's an Aussie (reprezent!) and she's good. And there seem to be more streetstylists in the men department, so it's good to see the talent spread around some.

This pretty lady is at the GPO! Yeah, Melbourne!

And this girl's faux fur looks like Sonia Rykiel and Manoush's lovechild. Has anyone else been to Manoush in Paris? I remember walking in and my eyes sprang out of my head like jack in the boxes... or something... bad analogy? O, they had some very pretty dresses. But they also had some crazy, loopy, whacky stuff hanging on those hangers covered in plastic beads. I remember in particular a pair of marle grey flared tracksuit pants decorated with pink and red roses and glitter scattered all over. This jacket is just about as crazy, but I love it?

Katie told me about The Stylish Wanderer, another 14 year old blogger to join the ranks with Tavi. 'pparently her mum wasn't too keen on the idea of her daughter's face being blogged all over the internet for anyone to see, so she required The SW to cover her face using sunglasses and hats until she turned 14. Why 14 is 'safer' than 13, I have no idea! Am very curious to trawl her archives and check it out though! 
I see that she received the same Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges that were sent to Tavi- it's like Gap has been caught texting another date while the first one was in the bathroom.

 The Stylish Wanderer

The Style Rookie

Way to go, Gap! Now your wares are being workshopped all over the blogosphere for no cost to you other than mailing and the price of a couple of paltry pairs of shoes! I feel that there is something sinister in the unquestioned courting of bloggers by megabrands like this. It feels like exploitation, but because the bloggers are getting free stuff that they enjoy (which the bloggers always openly acknowledge), it's supposedly not a problem? I still feel like it's a dodgy practice, but maybe it's this stubborn Protestant strain in me- you mean you didn't pay for it with honest, hard-earned money? Send it back! *spits into spittoon and rocks back and forth, glowering, in the rocking chair*

And O! My! Gosh! Not one but two posts on stylish young Christians! Musing Mutley is going straight to the blogroll. I get so excited when I come across other Christians who are passionate about style as well, and I have met so many this year it's ridiculous: my sister from another mister Meg (who introduced me to Bassike, bless her Poepke sandals), Erica from GWAS who is so bold in her faith and who celebrates beauty and style with an equal boldness, beautiful Bek who used to have her own to-die-for label (Ed&Bek) and who I will love forever for gifting me two bursting bags full of her designs (I'll do a geeky outfit post one day so you can see/drool) as well as because she is an incredible treasure, and I even met Katie this week- a new friend at church who wants to be a designer and who, for now, works in a stunner of a fashion shop on Oxford St.

But back to Musing Mutley, a Melbourne man (o the alliteration!) and his post on young Christians- what makes them tick and what they wear. Well what are you waiting for? Go read about the ladies here and the boys here
O, and Deborah? This might be a bit awkward cause I know I don't know you and we've never met and all. . . but those Galaxy tights. . . lemme borrow them sometime?

PS. Check out this gorgeous photo at Camberwell Markets- why do I have a big and instant girly crush on every redhead I see? Something magnetic about that colour! 

PS. Uh. So. Just found the Manoush website and love every last crazy thing? One of us has changed, Manoush, but I don't hate it! (I tried to be techy and save screenshots of the items I love but failed. So you're going to have to get over there or else take my word for it that the pastel ruffles + floral pants + scoop-neck coral jersey onesie + everything- everything! O Manoush, let's run away together and be happy? - just works works works.

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  1. Ahh Rosie. You make me laugh. I enjoyed this post.
    P.S. I own those 'galaxy tights' too and you can absolutely borrow them.
    Much love.