Thursday, May 27, 2010

morning time.

We had to venture out early because I had plans and she had plans but we wanted to talk out our lives to each other over breakfast. And she had a new haircut that she wanted to capture before the salon blow-dry faded away. Cool, rain-specked morning. We drove the three or four blocks it took to reach the little hole-in-the-wall cafe because the humidity... you know... frizzy hair and all. Which normally wouldn't be a problem, we'd tramp the way there around puddles and doing that funny dance when a pole presents itself and you and your umbrella have to waltz to get past. But not today.

Plum and butterscotch jam. Apricot and rosemary jam. Crisp-shell soft-heart croissants and a skim cap (always) and sitting on bench seats with little square cushions on, listening to their great music and talkinglaughingtalkingthinking. Laughing.

Out in the misty morning again, rain still sighing around us, and we stood against doors and walls and turned our shoulders so you can see the vine behind and exclaimed over the sometimes funny sometimes incredible graffiti. Housemates are fun people to have around. And ours is a great neighbourhood to be around in. 

{total babe}

The clothing: vintage Coach bag, Chloe coat, Bassike scarf, Witchery cardigan, MudMee black dress, Topshop tights, Ferragamo loafers. She is wearing her lovely romantic blouse from Glebe markets but the rest of her outfit, I'm not sure! But in case you can't see, she wore black ankle boots, black tights and a white singlet underneath the blouse.

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