Thursday, May 20, 2010

look at me LOOK AT ME


So here it is, friends: my first outfit post. Let me talk you through it. And allow me to remind you from the outset that I don't have a camera and a tripod but only a 3.1 megapixel shutter on my phone so you can expect the photo clarity to be poorly. Just sayin'.

This is what I wore on the Bassike run- the Chloe coat I got for a song in Paddington about a month ago, a cotton lace top I got for one whole dollar at Second Chance (best op-shop in the Shire!) about four years ago, a Bassike loose tank underneath, Bassike slate dealbreakers and a badge shaped like a crown. I didn't wear these shoes (Gianfranco Ferre wedges got for another song in Melbourne many moons ago) but my Ferragamo loafers which are, quite literally, down-at-heel.

So this is me taking a photograph of myself in the mirrored door of my wardrobe. Note the look of concentration- it is quite hard to angle the tiny camera to get the head-to-toe shot! Apologies for the fuzziness of the image but... well... this is a lesson in the lengths other bloggers go to to make their blogs look professional, I guess.
Detail shot! Note the white flecks in the picture? That's my mirror which needs a clean (I'msoashamed)

Another detail shot- the lace top and my new Bassike scarf.

Okay, blogosphere. This is what we call a 'pre-housemate' shot. Me, in the mirror. Flash automatically on because in between the first lot of photo taking and this one, I went to class. Now being winter, it's gotten dark and so my head has disappeared into a halo. 
Note too the outfit change- hello, new Bassike friends. (How many times can I say 'Bassike' in one post, do you think? I reckon a few more at least! *Bassike*)

Then Bel came out of her room and took pity on me. Cue:

The classic 'looking at my feet' blogger shot! I feel like a really, truly style blogger now. 

What? I pose like this in my living room all the time, don't you? Yeah, I relax by casually playing with my scarf whilst looking at the floor and smiling at my own thoughts.  
Totally normal, right?

This is actually a genuine laugh (I got embarrassed by the silliness of the activity.)

This is me trying not to smile. Fail. I kind of look mid-sentence instead?

Shoes!!! Love these mothers.

So there you have it! Sadly I'm not gambolling in a field of waist-length grass nor am I standing on a quaint doorstep- only against the only blank white wall in my apartment. But at least you can (sort of) see the spoils of my road trip- grey marle dealbreakers, a khaki loose tank and the skinny stripy scarf which I foresee will be worn every day for the next three months.

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