Sunday, May 23, 2010

little musings.

I can't read Anja Rubik's name without instantly thinking 'Anja Rubik's Cube'. Another fashion person's name I love is Consuelo Castiglioni, designer of Marni. It just rolls off the tongue.

Talking of names, isn't it fun to mimic the correct pronunciation of fashion labels in really exaggerated ways? Balmain becomes balMAH, Lanvin = lahVAH, Loewe= Lurr-VAYE. It makes you sound obnoxious and pretentious which is kind of wonderful? 
Especially wonderful if you work it into an otherwise ordinary sounding sentence i.e. "I loved her wedding dress, it reminded me so much of Vlada's final look in the CHRISTY-AH LAHKWAH ORT COO-TOUR oh-eight show- you know the one? Gorgeous." Extra points if you can work a double over-pronunciation into one sentence- try it. KREESTOFF DEHCARNAH for BALMAH. Ha

And, finally, I have a big crush on this man. 

His glasses! His bowtie! The adorable two-hand wave a la Hugh Grant in Love Actually. Alber Elbaz. . . (another incroyable name.)

These are the things that occupy my mind on cool, rainy Saturday mornings when my mind plays tag with my thoughts.

{Anja from here, Consuelo from here, Alber from here}

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