Thursday, May 20, 2010

just in under the wire.

I woke up to the sound of a message arriving: my ysic telling me to get on over to her place for a last Bassike run before she starts full-time work hours + moves house + keeps on raising two adorable enfants and being a stellar wife to ybic. Scraped the hair back, threw on the Chloe, and I was dashing on over the Bridge, wallet in hand.

Bassike. That siren that sings in Avalon. Avalon which is so, so far away from my home that ysic and I have to pile into a car and drive for up to an hour to get us some premium cotton jersey. Ysic was in her Japanese denims, sky-blue of colour, and a narrow stripe black and white tee, I was in the slate dealbreakers (so called because if a boy has a heart-flutter for you, he sure as heck won't once he sees you in them) and the loose tank with pocket- aka literally wearing our Bassike allegiance on our sleeve/s. Rainy grey day. Skim caps and flat whites at hand. Nick and Becky Drake on the radio to keep littlest happy as she ate a banana and asked for ysic to replay song number six again (and again. and again- sing with me: "our God's generous/he gives to all of us!")

Rain eases enough for us to park the car, walk on over and step into retail (little h) heaven. We fall to silence as we consider each and every item. In every colour. Into the changerooms, arms laden with stripes and khaki and opal print and drop-crotches and hearts dripping with satisfaction. 
The very patient and friendly shopgirl tells us that they recently sent some swagger to Sarah Jessica Parker who rang Bassike HQ yesterday to personally thank them and order more stuff. Added to the general smugness, really. A half-hour later and having tried on most of the shop's contents, we both left with long white bags and spotted swing tags.

Back in the car (OUR GOD'S GENEROUS/ HE GIVES TO ALL OF US!) Home again. Sort of lends a different meaning to the term 'road trip'.

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