Sunday, May 9, 2010

friday afternoon and night and early early saturday morning.

Just to say. . . and I have to tell you. . . that last night was wonderful. And isn't life richer when you spend your time with wonderful friends?

Tess came over and this is what our afternoon looked like: endless pots of white rose tea, endless treats of the sweet potato chip, custard flan, crackers + chilli pumpkin dip and peach/pineapple delight kind. Knotting friendship bracelets with charms on them. Listening to Edith Piaf, Whitley and Bon Iver, amongst others. Laugh-soaked chats. Nail polishing. Getting ready and going out to buy mini gelati, a birthday gift. 

We walk down to a little bar that only the locals know about (or at least that's how it feels when you're there) to celebrate Paul. It is so full of people we have to twist and dance to get around to say hi to everyone. Big smiles. New friends visting from Melbourne and old friends who bring joy just by being there. Disappearing upstairs and calling out to the others to bring the party up, and cracked leather couches and red velvet pimp daddy chairs. Chats about Bassike, ksubi and Dion Lee with Matt. Hearing about Seattle from Chelsea and peering over her shoulder to see the photos of her street in full autumn bloom and making a silent promise to myself to go one day. 

The lights get flicked on- midnight already? So out we flow in a  stream, pausing to say hi, bye, and we're outside, gathered on the footpath in the freezing dark night. Suddenly it's winter and we are unprepared, under-dressed (but dressed to the nines) so we start walking- 'late night gelato run?'

And outside the Post Office we see three men in primary coloured bodysuits playing an electric violin, a ukelele and drums made of plastic buckets. They are energetic, amazing, anonymous, but we recognise the songs and dance on the spot. More people gather, a little community of strangers, spellbound. An old gentleman with a white hat and a jacket starts dancing in the midst of us, his arms aloft, his eyes concentrating, we clap and cheer him on. Warmth from our laughter and this delight guards us against the cold. Two encores and many busked coins later we make it to the gelateria and find them closing up shop. We snaffle the last scoops of the night and trail home in twos, threes, chatting, happy. 
So happy.

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