Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 Good {Monday} morning! This is my first ever inspiration post and under each photo I'll explain who/what/why. Enjoy this glorious sunny Sydney day! (unless you don't live in Sydney... bad luck. Imagine a high, bright sky, the whirr of aeroplanes in midflight somewhere overhead, a lone insect (cicada, maybe?) chirring outside, distant kids playing sounds, the peaceful silence of the sun shining.)

Gemma Ward and Josh Harnett. Gemma was, maybe still is, my favourite model. I detest how she has been attacked for her euphemistically named 'womanly figure'- she is an extremely beautiful young woman and was an exceptional model. I like this particular image becuse she looks so dainty, so caught unawares. And the pale colours and white just marry perfectly.

This could be a shot from the early sixties, but it's not. Mother, daughter and little dog-friend crossing a street in perhaps the best zebra crossing shot since Abbey Road. I could gaze at this for hours. 

I tore this from an old Vogue Paris yars ago and it is currently blu-tacked over my TV screen. I don't really like the look of a turned-off TV- that bland, blank glass and the hulkyness of it. I don't like how living rooms are often geared towards the TV so that even when it is off it is the centre of attention. So one night I stuck this up. 
I love: her kohled eyes. Her kingly robe. Her gracefulness. Her dedication. The shape and flow of her pose.

'These are a few of my favourite things...' A very uncorrect elephant tusk bracelet (one of the few things I have to remember my paternal grandmother with, so I wear it even though the thought of elephants being hunted makes me sick.) A bamboo bracelet from my distant-living pal Michelle. A friendship bracelet woven with Tess. The marc jacobs Stratocaster watch my school besties got me for my 21st birthday (never leaves my wrist). A couple of leather bands I got in Florence. A typewriter key bracelet from my parents. A mock gold chunky chain I got from Sydney jewellery designer Georgia Hotz. 

Daisy Lowe and friend at her 21st. Love their clothes, love her delight.

Most elegant mannequin you've ever seen? She lived in the Vintage Clothing Shop and was photographed by Vogue Australia years ago.

A sketch by a new label that showed at RAFW this week. Their inspiration was Sophia Loren, but being scatterbrained, I saved this and promptly forgot its origin. Help?

Osborn shoes as photographed by White Lightning. Heart literally stopped on its rails when I saw them. They're handmade in Guatemala and designed out of Brooklyn. I checked out the online store and realised that it will cost US$130 to get summathose Oxfords on my feet so instead I reached for my huaraches. Also made in Guatemala. Designed I-don't-know-where but bought by me in an op-shop in Forster a bunch of years ago for about $6. And I loves them.

What I want to wear today. 

{images from: a glamorous little side project; JAK&JIL; my blackberry x 2; Vogue UK ; my blackberry; don't remember; White Lightning; my blackberry; Style Bubble}

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