Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the elevator on the lobby floor has a lazy door

I showed Bicky the outfit post. "That's not you," she said. "You're usually so comfortable and casual, and you just look awkward. And your clothes have no life!" She was so right- they are awkward photos, aren't they? It's not just that they're muddy coloured and narrow, but also that I look stiff and obviously uncomfortable- because I was!

If you've followed this blog for a while you'll know that I have felt conflicted about doing outfit posts for a number of reasons. I think my discomfort at being photographed and then posting the images is tied up with my general awkwardness about having my photo taken at all as well as the fraudulence I feel at placing myself so obviously within the style blogosphere and the implicit self-centredness I feel it requires on my behalf- as in, you should look at photos of me because my outfits are so great or you really should admire me or something.

Bicky showed me some photos she's taken on her mountain-biking blog and I was inspired to give it another crack. So out we went- Bicky, her digital SLR (goodbye Blackberry!) and... well, me.
I think we did a pretty good job! Bicky of taking great shots and me of not tensing up my mouth or looking hesitant and weird (well, there were a lot of shots like that, I can't lie. But they have been carefully edited out so you will think I always look natural and joyful on camera. Genius!)

Okay cool. I think we all know that the real stars of these photos are the incredible street art in the streets around Bicky's home and Mum's old green jacket that she gave to me ages ago. (If she tries to tell you that I "borrowed" it and just never gave it back, don't believe it! I am a good daughter and a responsible clothes borrower. And if she tries to tell you about the woven leather David Lawrence belt, I maintain that even if she had to buy a new belt to 'replace' it cause I had it for so long, that only means she ended up with two belts! Win-win in my humble opinion.)

silence+noise black jeans/leggings (I refuse to use the ridiculous word "jeggings." I just won't.)
bassike white loose tank over kookai white singlet top
Witchery cardigan
bassike scarf (told you I'd live in it. Prepare to be sick of the sight of it!)
Camper boots
Mum's old green jacket that I think she got in Singapore
An assortment of wrist loveliness including the mj watch ('course) and a love heart bracelet Tess gave me and a piece of stripy ribbon.

EDIT: Zac also told me, via Kyra, that I looked super awkward in that original post- all the way from Perth! Love it. I think we can all agree that it wasn't my finest photographic hour. But that's kind of what this blog is all about anyway- figuring out style blogging by doing it, stuffing around, and having a laugh at how difficult it really is to stand still and not look like you're just standing still. . . I have a lot more respect for the Next Top Model contestants now, all I'm gonna say.


  1. I don't think outfit posts are self-centred or demand admiraton at all. there is a lot of discussion on the blogs about this - my own little contribution is here - http://orangesapples.blogspot.com/2009/11/what-drives-fashion-bloggers-oranges.html

    I know that's not really what you were saying anyway, but just thought i'd point it out.

    Also - great photos!

  2. Thanks Franca!
    I wanted to draw out my own anxieties on this blog because I think it's interesting that they arose at all.
    I feel that social media such at networking sites and style blogging encourages people who use them to place themselves at the centre, implicitly inviting others to respond to them. I definitely see this at work in outfit posts, and it can be a great thing- as viewers, we get inspired by what we see, we marvel at the blogger's creativity or the composition of the shot- but I feel that there is a literal 'self-centred' aspect to it in that the self is placed front and centre. Again, this is not a "bad" thing!! It's just interesting to consider.

    I wonder if this kind of visual interaction deeply speaks to our human curiosity to look at and 'figure out' others? Yet I've found that in myself, posting shots of myself makes me feel deeply uncomfortable- why would anyone care about what I wear or what I look like? Do I want them to focus on these things?
    These questions are also bound up in that I'm a postgrad student positioning myself within an academic context as well as a fringe dweller of style blogs...

    Is this making sense? I hope I haven't sounded judgemental of bloggers because that's honestly the last thing I would want! I see outfit posts as an incredible way to demonstrate creativity and panache.

    On another note, I really enjoyed reading your answers to the questions! I agree with you- the Stepford Wives angle was really odd! Especially considering the large contingent of teen bloggers... Weird!