Sunday, May 23, 2010

blog loving

I'm a renter so I can't put nails where I'd like in the walls to hang my pictures. As a result, I spent the afternoon waiting for the glue on those 3M hooks to adhere to the wall so I could hang my Alice Amsel originals and in the in-between-times, I drank white rose tea (new addiction? perhaps.) and discovered blog lovin'. And therefore discovered many new blogs which I've added to the 'primary sources' blogroll to your right and also to this here post. See if any tickle your fancy?

Go on, then.

And for those playing at home Sara from Harper & Harley and Le Flassh are both Australians- H&H is from sunny Brisbane and Flasshie (can I call you 'Flasshie'? Guess I just did... BFFz?) is from Adelaide.

And for those who would tell me, '3M hooks or no 3M hooks, you'd probably still spend all Saturday afternoon reading style blogs", I reply, 'a tiny, insignificant detail.'*

*It's my blog nd I'll quote Love Actually if I want to.

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