Wednesday, April 7, 2010

perenially lucky in love

so despite my interest in fashion (understatement?) I don't actually go shopping very often. In fact, I tend to have certain beloved items of clothing that I wear over and over (and over) until they fall apart or I am sick of the sight of them. I particularly dislike shoe shopping because I am very picky, which often results in me wearing the same pair of shoes day in and day out. This has happened with my current favey-daves, a pair of Ferragamo loafers I got for $10 from a vintage sale in Toronto. They had NEVER BEEN WORN before and are perfection in leather. This is what they looked like when I bought them (and consequently had a little photo shoot because I was so enthralled with them. Don't judge.)

This is what they look like now. (Don't judge.)

So it was a happy day last week when I realised that I had budgeted my finances all. wrong. and actually had some spare pennies this month. (Well, I hope I do. There's a slight chance that I have calculated my pay days wrong and am buying clothes with next month's rent, but I am simply choosing to hope for the best!) And I bought some new shoes which are little darlings: these lace-up numbers from Wittner.
The buckskin suede was initially a turnoff because, although very pretty, as mentioned above I wear shoes day in and day out. So buying these shoes actually means I have to break the pattern this winter because you cannot wear caramel-coloured, butter-soft suede in the rain. Therefore, buying against my practical pattern (must be black, leather, durable) might result in more varied shoe wearing? Gotta be a good thing. Why you care I don't know, but this is my blog and you're still reading, so maybe something I'm saying is hitting a nerve with you. Can anyone else relate to my extreme repeated-wearing or am I alone in this crazy?

Another recent buy was these Peter Alexander flannelette pajama pants. I had this ultimate pair of PJs  *give me a moment, I'm misting up* that I got when I was all of sixteen years old. I wore them every winter for the next seven years. Exclusively. They were my happy pants. You know those clothes that you put on and all of a sudden your tense, dreary day seems o-so-far in the distance and you just feel wonderful?
They were not particularly attractive (read: extremely unflattering) but MAN they were the thing. The photo below says it all really. Two minutes before this was taken I was wet (thanks Irish coast in winter) and feeling sick and it was about midnight after a long day of driving but on they went and, well, you can see the victorious glee in my eyes.
(Comments re: the height of the pants are unnecessary. They were simply more comfortable pulled as high as possible and I will not hear a word said against them.)

Anyway- they died last winter. They just saw me through a Canadian winter and came home with me to Sydney, almost threadbare but loved nonetheless. Then they rapidly deteriorated and Granny co-opted them to clean the church brass. No more happy pants, and o, how I've felt their absence as the weather has cooled! So I went to back to Peter Alexander and guess what I found?! Not quite the same but o! so! close! They gave me a wink and a smile and that was it. Happy.

So I think the lesson we can all take from these experiences is that sometimes being terrible at mathematics and mismanaging ones' finances can result in a. more, not less, shopping dollars, b. breaking a long held pattern of wearing the same thing day in day out and c. happiness. And that sometimes clothes can feel like old friends too.

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