Saturday, April 10, 2010

The future of style blogging and other mysteries

hey hi.
I was just rereading style rookie and thought you other fashademics might like to read Tavi's thoughts on the future of blogging. Chicka-check it out:

Also, in other news- writing this o-so-brief post has made me realise that we need to form a vocab for talking about reading blogs. When you read old posts, are those posts called a 'backlog'? or 'back issues'? or just... 'old posts'? And can we think of a verb to describe what you're doing when you reread?And are you 'blogging' when you read blogs, or only when you are writing them?

Actually, now I think about it, a bloggy vocab probably already exists but we can probably slot that into 'THINGS I DON'T KNOW' which is a subcategory of 'FIELDS OF KNOWLEDGE I HAVEN'T ACCESSED BEFORE.' We'll file this whole discussion somewhere above subculture theory and beside anything written by Baudrillard (who seems important? either way, he has a cool name so I feel he should be included in my doctorate. Straw poll- how many cultural studiers are cringing right now? Somebody give me a quick rundown on his key ideas?)

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